Stina Hasse Jørgensen (she/her) is an assistant professor at the Digital Design Department at the IT University of Copenhagen.

Stina started her path as a practitioner  and theorist of sound art and interactive sound at Tonespace / Electronic Music and Sound Art, at the Danish National Academy of Music (SDMK). She then took courses on advanced music technology and creative sound design at the School of Music and Media Arts, at University of London, Royal Holloway (RHUL), and studied sound art at Art History and Auditive Culture at University of Copenhagen (UCPH). Later she was taught by Douglas Repetto, Brad Garton and George Lewis at the Columbia Computer Music Center (CMC).

Stina has developed her practice with a focus on sound technologies, feminism and collective practices, presenting her projects at places such as 1000 Scores/SPOR festival, NLHspace, Kunsthal Aarhus, the Digital Interactive Art Space (DIAS), Sorte Firkant, Roskilde Festival, Tech Festival, Wundergrund Festival, Atelier Hotel Pro Forma, MIX Copenhagen, Catch at Click Festival, LAK festival, Art Hub Copenhagen and Den Frie Udstillingsbygning.

Stina publish articles on sound technology, vocal exploration and artistic expression, collective work and affective labor in journals such as Digital Creativity, Seismograf Peer, Transformations, Journal of Audio Engineering Society, Cultural Analysis, and contributed to anthologies such as Terræn: Veje ind i samtidskunsten and The Bloomsbury Handbook of Sound Art. Stina has given papers at conferences such as Nordes design research conference, Politics of the Machine, ISACS, Terræn - konference om samtidskunst i Danmark, Audio Mostly, ISEA, Aesthetics, Ethics and Biopolitics of the Posthuman, Global Lives Project - UC Berkeley, Re-New IMAC, and NORDIK.

Stina was granted her PhD degree from the Department of Arts and Cultural Studies, University of Copenhagen, where she researched the politics and aesthetics of (synthesized) voices in media arts and design through practice-based research. As a PhD fellow and as a postdoctoral researcher, Stina has gained great experience being censor, lecturer, and co-developer courses in topics such as sound art, sound design, electronic composition and production, interaction design, digital experience and aesthetics. She has tought different courses, workshops, seminars and supervised students at the Digital Design Department at the IT University of Copenhagen, the Department of Arts and Cultural Studies at University of Copenhagen, Digital Cultures at Lund University and at the School of Media Arts, Royal Academy Of Fine Arts.

Stina is a guest lecturer, external examiner and part of the censorpanel for Electronic Composition on the Bachelor and Master’s degree at the Danish Institute of Electronic Music (DIEM) and at the Electronic Sound and Music at the Royal Academy of Music. Stina is also a guest lecturer and external examiner at the Rhythmic Music Conservatory (RMC).

Major works include the collective [MULTI´VOCAL] project, taking form as an installation, website and coming LP sounding the generation of a synthetic voice; the collective project FOR MORE THAN ONE VOICE, taking form as a score, a collective performatice reading, a workshop and a publication; MOVE/BEVÆG DIG, an interactive sound installation. New works are in development with AIR Lab.

Stina is part of the [multi'vocal] collective, which received a fellowship from the New New to release a record at the label Anyines in 2023. The fellowship is by the Bertelsmann Stiftung’s “Ethics of Algorithms” project and Superrr Lab in collaboration with Allianz Kulturstiftung and Goethe-Institut. Stina is part of the work group on creative sound technologies at the Danish Sound Cluster, where she organises events on sound technologies and diversity,  and was the co-editor of Sounding Women’s Work at Seismograf Peer (2022). In 2022 Stina started a collaborative research project on novel vocal imaginaries, generously supported by the Independent Research Fund Denmark in collaboration with VEGA LAB.

Danish cell: 0045 23826723
E-mail: stinahasse@gmail.com