Sonic interaction design 

Stina Hasse is making severel different sonic interaction design project exploring the interactive relation between voices and e.g. imaginaries, objects, spaces and storytelling. 

Cabinet of voices / Stemmekabinet (2023) 


A VR experience - that allows participants to listen, interact and map minute vocal expression. Made with tech VR wizard Theis Bech Nielsen for AIR LAB.


Sonic traces / Lydspor

What are the soundscape and sonic traces of a street 500 years ago? How do the sonic traces interact, ressonate, dissonate, entangle and overlap with the soundscape of the same street  today?

The project explores how to design sonic experiences through a methodological approach which combines deep listening, affective interaction design and soma design methods. We here investigate different ways for listeners to sense places through more-than-human encounters in augmented cityscapes.

This project is a collaboration between Affective Interactions and Relations (AIR) Lab at the IT University, Catch Art and Technology Center and the City Museum of Helsingør. 

The composer as a sonic interaction designer (2021-)

Here I explore the aesthetical and methodlogical aspects of developing scores for interactive sound expriences.


This project has also been in explored in collaboration with artist and designer Louise Foo. We have made a workshop where we invite electroacoustic composers and performers to explore what new ways of composing can happen if the focus is on creating sonic interactive experiences. How can interaction design processes inform the compositional thinking? And what happens when the composition is thought of as a sonic interactive experience that listeners can co-create?